Where To Have A Dine For Best Biryani In Melbourne?

You simply cannot call yourself an Indian food lover, if you don’t like Biryani. That’s that! The flavourful Indian dish has been the pride of the country ever since its invention, thanks to the delicious aromatic spices like saffron used in preparing it. Though the exact origin of the dish is unknown, it was developed in cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, and others, and what a job Indians did in making it one of the finest cuisines in the whole world. However, some say it travelled to Bharat all the way from Persia, but in a much basic form.

It was the Indian spices and Muslim culinary influence that shaped Biryani to be what it is today, a platter of delicious rice and meat! The best part is, Biryani could be made from nearly all kinds of meat, and chefs can also improvise as they like. Be it lamb, chicken, fish, or just vegetables, it can be prepared with anything.

Place to Get Best Biryani in Melbourne

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