Your 2021 Guide To The Best Indian Foods In Melbourne

Indian food is famed all over the world for its spicy flavour, strong tang, and aromatic ingredients. Food lovers for one simply cannot resist the temptation to try those therapeutic curries, whose scent is enough to make our mouths water. If you live in Melbourne, no worries, you can still try the spicy-rich dishes of the Indian Subcontinent. Fire up your search engine and type “Best Indian Food Melbourne” and “Best Biryani Near You” to find your way to our restaurant, “Welcome Indian Restaurant”. Here are 3 of the best Indian foods in Melbourne, all served in our restaurant on writhing hot platters! Don’t forget to try these while you’re here!

1)    Butter Chicken 

Murgh, or chicken, is a prime dish of the Indian subcontinent. Chefs all over the country love tossing and combing tender pieces of chicken, with wide-ranging spices. Butter chicken is one such creation born from the land of diversity. In this cuisine, we hurl boneless chicken in rich butter gravy, giving a creamy tweak to the dish. It can be served with or without chilli, but if you dare, we recommend you order it with chilli. It’s way better that way! Type “Best Indian Food Melbourne” to book a table at our restaurant to try this delectable dish!

2)    Fish Curry

Fish too has its own place in the kingdom of Indian food, and quite an esteemed one at that. By immersing tender pieces of fish in hot and spicy gravy, we make our fish curry a lip-smacking dish. For our health-conscious customers, we make the cuisine gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy every nibble of it to the fullest! Try our fish curry by typing “Best Biryani Near You” on your preferred search engine! 

3)    Chilly Chicken

Chilly Chicken is easily one of the best dishes to order when in doubt. The deep-fried tender chicken pieces, glazed with cornflour, are the go-to cuisine for most foodies. Add some onions, capsicum, and green chilies into the mix, and you have yourself an excellent serving of Chilly Chicken. If the mere description of the food has made you hungry, imagine savouring it in one of the best Indian restaurants in Melbourne. Reserve your table now!