Butter Chicken at Indian Restaurant Cranbourne

If you’re looking to dine in Cranbourne with your family, stop your search and head to Welcome Indian Restaurant Cranbourne now. Whether you’re a beef person, a chicken person, or a goat person, or whether you want to keep things vegetarian or vegan, we’ve got you covered. Our assorted menu caters to the food needs of all kinds of individuals. You can order all the Indian delicacies at our restaurant and experience the true Indian dining experience, thanks to our authentic ambience as well.

Butter Chicken is one of the most-loved Indian dishes in India, with roots in the Northern region. With luscious chicken pieces immersed in creamy butter gravy, this dish will soothe your taste buds as soon as you dig into it. Our Welcome restaurant is the best Indian Butter Chicken Restaurant in Cranbourne. For a wholesome experience, try this dish with butter naan. You can thank us for the tip later. Head to our website to book a table or to order food online for Indian takeaway Cranbourne.