The Most Reliable And Delicious Indian Restaurant In Mulgrave

The welcome restaurant is a well-established Indian Restaurant in Mulgrave that you need to visit if you want to experience the true grandeur of Indian cuisine. From traditional Indian dishes to tandoori bread to pair them with, we provide a bona fide Indian dining experience at our restaurant. Head to our website to try Indian mains, sweets, desserts, and drinks.

Start your order with authentic, tasty dishes at Welcome Restaurant. Browse our assorted menu from our website, and select the dishes that catch your eye. You can see the description of the dish below the image to know what are the ingredients that are used to make the dish, and chuck any ingredient out if you want. You can place the order from the website, or call us if that’s what you prefer. You can check the delivery timings from our website. Order now and wait for tasty Indian dishes to arrive at your doorstep.